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Australian family business manufacturing
Australian products that have been certified by AMCL as authentic products at a fair price are not just Australian packaging and assembly. The products are manufactured by an Australian family company and have a certificate of production in Australia.

The meaning of “Made in Australia” is not only the pure nature represented by Australia, but also the strict management norms and quality standards corresponding to it. It is a symbol of Australian quality and a guarantee of quality and credibility of the Australian Federal Government.

This green background and golden kangaroo triangle logo has been helping consumers identify genuine Australian-made products since 1999. It represents that the product has passed the Australian Manufacturing Association AMCL authoritative certification. assembly. To use the mark, the product also needs to meet the standards set by the Australian Consumer Rights Act and the AMAG Mark Code.

Australian Made and Owned Logo 2
Hong Kong Chiropractors Association Certification
The certification requirements of the Hong Kong Practicing Chiropractors Association are very strict, and only a few products can successfully pass each year. The applicant needs to go through multiple stages of review, including: product information verification, interviews, production testing, etc. After each stage of review, it is determined that the product meets the ergonomic standards before the certification is granted.

Best Rated Brand Finder Awards 2020 Pillows

Australia's highest rated pillow brand
Dentons was selected as the best pillow brand in Australia and was recommended by 88% of Dentons pillow users interviewed. In terms of comfort, design, quality and material adoption, this brand's products have received extremely high scores. All Dentons pillows are manufactured in Melbourne and come with a five-year replacement guarantee.

Finder was established in Australia in 2006. Just like the Consumer Council in Hong Kong, it will do some market research, product testing, and price comparisons to allow consumers to choose suitable products.

Finder Find an authoritative Australian market research agency- Roy Morgan,To exceed 4000 An Australian citizen interviewed the consumer experience in the past two years and made a score, with the highest score Stars, respondents will give scores on product design, material quality, comfort, durability, maintenance, and price, and then consumers will evaluate whether the brand is worth recommending.

As a result, Dentons received the highest evaluation in terms of product design and comfort among many pillow brands. With an overall score of 4.4, it beats famous brands such as Tempur and Dunlopillo, and won the title of Australia's most popular pillow brand. Dentons pillows also won 88% of the respondents recommended it.

Pillows Rating Comfort

Pillows Rating Comfort
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