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Pillow Selection Guide

Choose pillow from appearance1. Whether the filling of the pillow is full; if the pillow is loose and can not support the neck, long-term use will ...

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Sleeping Girl with Gold and White Pillows

Correct Sleep Style

IDEAL SLEEPING POSTURES In the ideal sleeping posture, the following points are critical to good ERGONOMICS: Supporting the Spine One of the majo...

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Could your Pillow be Making you Tired

Could your Pillow be Making you Tired

人的一生有1/3時間在睡眠中度過,枕頭可以說是相伴時間最長的一個夥伴。選用符合適宜枕頭不僅能夠保障高質量睡眠,而且關乎人生2/3時間工作、學習、生活的質量。通過下面的內容,可幫助你選擇一個有助頸椎健康的枕頭。 通常會有這樣的感覺:一覺醒來,突然發現自己的脖子僵硬得動彈不了,全身腰酸背痛,明...

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