Tips on a Good Nights Sleep

Tips on a Good Nights Sleep

Tips on a Good Night’s Sleep

1. Keep your Bedroom Relaxing
Keep your bed clean and comfortable. Keep the sound and lights down. Turn off all electric devices. Try not to use your smart phone and computer before bed, because its light will keep you awake.

2. Take a Warm Bath
Warm bath brings a relaxing effect to the body, since it directs the blood flow from the brain to the skin. Also if you keep your bedroom cool, it helps you to fall asleep by dropping your body temperature.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine
Alcohol disturbs sleep by drying up your mouth. Sleep cycle includes light and deep level of sleep. Although alcohol can make you sleepy, it extends the light sleep cycle, and causes early or frequent awakening. Avoid drinks containing caffeine (such as coffee, strong tea, cocoa), 6 hours before bedtime, since they can keep you awake.

4. Watch What You Eat
Eating too heavy or spicy meals can cause indigestion leading to sleep difficulty. So, avoid eating large meals 2 -3 hours before bedtime. If you feel hungry, take some light snack, such as wheat bread, warm milk, and fruits.

5. Regular Exercise
Exercise regularly leads you to achieve deeper level of sleep. The best you can have 20 – 30 minutes aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week. Avoid doing vigorous exercise 2 hours before bedtime, since it keeps your body alert and disturbs you from falling asleep.

6. Write Down Your Worries
Thinking too much is one of the main cause of insomnia. If you find that your brain cannot stop before bed, try to write down your worries, thoughts, things need to do, and tell yourself, “I need to sleep now, otherwise I won’t be able to function well tomorrow. For tomorrow’s stuff, I will manage it tomorrow”, then try to let yourself sleep.

Source: The Education University of Hong Kong

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